Hello, I’m Rain Morgan.

I’m an educated 26-year-old Sex Work writer with a cheeky, bubbly and witty personality, that you can have a conversation on a range of topics with. I’m a people pleaser and enjoy learning all about new things and new people. Greek by heritage you can see it in my brunette locks and fiery personality.

I enjoy hearing about my clients’ lives and experiences, going to markets, exploring the countryside, visiting art galleries and attending kink events.

You can read some of my sex work articles here, here, and here. Get a glimpse into my head, before we meet. You can also check out my interview with Mayfair Confidential here, my article and interview with Dakota Dice here, my interview with Realbabes here and my interview with SexWorkOz here!

Some details about me:

  • I’m a total nerd when it comes to Doctor Who or Harry Potter or Buffy. Want to debate the new Doctor Who episode or the new Marvel movie? I’m keen!
  • I love exploring art galleries and museums, op shops/antique bazaars, and wildlife parks are also fun!
  • I am obsessed with op shopping and antique furniture, jewellery, and clothes.
  • I’m a bit obsessed with anything unicorns and kangaroos.
  • It’s my dream to own a converted bus tiny home on wheels one day.
  • The only video game I enjoy playing is The Sims 4.
  • I love fashion and dressing up. I enjoy vintage clothes and thrifting my outfits. I have an elegant feminine classic style.
  • I’m very politically focused and enjoy a respectful debate! I usually vote for Reason but can respectfully acknowledge anyone’s different political views.
  • I love Japanese sake, a good Whisky, Canberra Company gin, and NZ Sauv Blanc. They are my favourite drinks of choice. A bar and a gentleman to keep company sounds like a great night.
  • I also enjoy non-alcoholic beverages and am always down for a fruity bubble tea, orange juice, dirty chai, or iced latte!
  • I’m a total foodie! Take me to your favourite place to eat, but no spicy food, please! Not for me. I adore sour candy, fancy cheese, steak, hotpot, Oysters, Sushi and seafood, Kimchi and Korean cuisine.
  • I enjoy discussing the arts, and history, and I have a keen interest in mythology, ballet, philosophy, reading, writing and pop culture.
  • I love talking about sex, sex ed, kink, swinging, and sexual health. Let me teach you something.
  • I’m passionate about disability and that all adults should have access to safe and consensual sexual experiences, no matter if they have disabilities and am trained in disability support and on the Touching Bases PDAT Referral List.
  • I love travelling and exploring new places when I tour. The country has a special place in my heart.

Rain. Xx.