Would you like to bring a special something to our booking or are you unable to book but would like to send me something?

Then read on!

Gift cards can be emailed to rain33@me.com, I also accept Prezze Gift Cards. My Beem is @RainMorgan33. 

My Favourite Things!

  • Non Alcoholic Drinks: Fruity Bubble Tea. 
  • Perfume: I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. 
  • Sweets: Sour candy is my weakness. I also like good chocolates, snakes and mochi.
  • Food: I’m a total foodie, adore anything to do with cheese, and different cultures’ foods. Specifically, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Turkish or Korean food.  (But nothing spicy or pork for me.) 
  • Flowers: Lillies. 
  • Travel: I’d always appreciate a deposit or gift in an Uber gift card! Or a Greyhound voucher for my travels! 

Gifts are never expected when booking a session but are always welcomed and appreciated.

Rain. Xx.