Read on to find my terms and conditions listed below.

Payment for bookings is always in cash. Beem is available if pre discussed and you must have the Beem app already set up on your phone. I do not offer change if you do not have the correct amount.

I require to cite your vaccine certificate at the start of every booking with a new client or you can send it it to me via text when you enquire.

I may ask for a deposit or copy of your ID at my discretion and may also ask for a bill to prove you reside where you are asking me to attend for an outcall. I require an Australian phone number for all bookings and enquiries.

Please comply with my screening and we will have a great time!


  • Deposits are non refundable.
  • I may ask for a deposit for a long booking, a tour booking, or a booking that may require me to adjust my schedule for you.
  • I usually request $50-100 but may request a higher deposit for a longer booking, one with travel attached, or a FMTY or tour booking.
  • A credit will be granted at my discretion with your deposit for up to three months or for a digital service of the same cost.
  • If you are requesting an outcall where I have to pay for an Uber/Taxi etc to travel to you I will require a deposit travel fee.
  • Deposits are via Beem, Payid, Osko, or sometimes Prezze gift card. I do not accept paypal or bank transfer. A deposit must clear before your booking. At my discretion you can also make a deposit at NAB at the teller into my bank account or via Westpac smart ATM.


A booking will be stopped, paused, offered alternative services or I will ask you to leave if:

  • You arrive drunk, high, intoxicated, or aggressive and argumentative, or I am unable to communicate with you at all for ESL reasons.
  • If you do not comply with screening, presenting your vaccine certificate as asked for, do not have the correct cash or no cash.
  • Try to downgrade your booking on arrival or arrive with less than the fee. You will need to pay the cost of the booking time you confirmed before arrival.
  • If you are pushy, haggle, rough, do not listen to me/listen when I ask you to stop doing something.
  • If you touch the condom, try to remove the condom, break the condom, do remove the condom, try to put your penis in without a condom, get cum on my genitals on purpose, or rub your uncovered penis on me.
  • Have signs of an STI including but not only: Warts, HSV/HPV, discharge, lesions, rash, broken skin, herpes outbreak on your genitals or a cold sore, suspicious rashes or so on, on or around your genitals.
  • Arrive sick/unwell, or have symptoms of Covid 19.
  • Harm or try to harm me in any way or threaten me.
  • If there is other people in your residence/hotel on an outcall or you show up to an incall booking with someone else without discussion.
  • Try to or have present hidden cameras to record or photograph our session.
  • Ask for services I do not offer repeatedly. Ask for natural services, anal, cim, or so on.

Thank you for understanding! Xx.