Here is where you can learn what some of my valued clients have to say about our time together.

*Some have been edited for privacy reasons, which is also why names are not included.**

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From Couples Bookings: 

We’ve had the pleasure to spend time with Rain a couple of times now. She’s a gorgeous, smart, young bi woman who has a delicious naughty streak. We look forward to playing again!

Rain is a really nice, sweet girl with a kinky side. A lot kinkier than us!  She’s open and intelligent. We had a great, sexy time with her and am sure we will book her again soon.

Rain was great fun, she was open and willing to try anything. Thanks for the good time Rain! 

Rain helped us feel at ease and gave us the chance to explore our fantasies with our kinky dynamic. Will definitely see her again! 

Was so wonderful to spend time with you, thank you for a wonderful evening. We thoroughly enjoyed your company.

From Private Bookings:

“This was my first time and I met Rain dressed in a sexy black dress with plenty of cleavage. She made me feel comfortable and was attentive to my needs, her oral skills are unmatched. 

She drove me to near orgasm and entering her felt amazing, she is very vocal and loves what she does. She is an amazing experience and will definitely book her again.”

Super nice chick. Would visit again but live interstate so its kinda hard to visit. 

You’re hot, it was great fun!

Seeing Rain is like floating in bliss.

You are the best kisser I have seen by far. It is always great fun to see you.

You made my week and it was only Tuesday! When you got undressed I couldn’t believe someone so hot was with me, with your cute sexy kisses, great tits and hot ass. You are a sex god. 

Rain would make all of your fetishes and kinks come true. She is a very lovely and nice girl. She will make you smile and give her 100% in anything you ask for. I would definitely come back to her again and again.

Thank you for the extra time, I’m glad I tipped. I had a blast! You definitely gave me that ego boost. 

I had an amazing time and it was an absolute wonderful pleasure to meet you. You were a delight during the double booking we had. 

Cheers Rain, definitely had a great time. Look forward to seeing you again soon. 

I think about our booking often and jerk off to thoughts of our time together. 

Seeing you is a pleasure, can’t wait to do it again.  

Had a great time with Rain. She is friendly, skilled, and gives a great service.
Will have to book longer next time, this time was too short. 
Thank you for making my fantasies come true in our swingers party booking. 
I loved our booking, you are a spectacular lady with spectacular boobs!
It was so nice meeting you while you were in Canberra, can’t wait to do it again. 
You really delivered exactly what I asked for in our roleplay booking, loved it! 
I thoroughly enjoyed my booking with Rain, she made me feel very comfortable and is a skilled seductress! 

“I can’t wait to see you again, best sex of my life.”

”Your dirty talk and blow jobbing skills, OMG! It was heavenly! Outstanding Session!”

“You honestly were so accommodating. Highly recommended!”

”you were so polite and cute…cannot thank you enough and you took the time to discuss with me. So knowledgable I love it!”

Thank you for making my fantasies come true in our swingers party booking. 

I loved our booking, you are a spectacular lady with spectacular boobs!

“Rain has soft skin and a gentle touch, an experience not to miss. I’ll be back.”

”First time venturing into BDSM I went for Rain’s sensual domme package, All I can say is wow, from the soft kissing to the delightful spanking and the gentle preparation for a wonderful pegging, she is truly one of a kind, if you have a fantasy you want to act out just ask her, she definitely delivered mine. Thank you 😘.”

“Rain is deceptively cute, cute and playful at first then she can become a sadistic Domme taking you by surprise.”

”Miss Rain is an amazing woman that I believe could satisfy almost any desire or fantasy you could imagine, starting off I was a young male who chasing something a little different was my first time doing anything remotely like this and I was pretty nervous at the start but she made me really comfortable and relaxed, she has a lot of experience, knowledge and toys 😉

Whether it be you are experienced or new to the scene and believe me guys and girls whatever your fantasies may be she most likely has experience in them and won’t disappoint! I learnt new things about myself that I loved and things I didn’t which she was perfectly respectful towards! She was quick to notice I had some anxiety around certain things from past experiences and really did her best to help me put it to ease. Will definitely be coming back in the future for more sessions!”

Sexy, accommodating, polite.

Rain is a magician , I mean in every sense. Being a Transgender man on T for good 10 years, I have been anxious around physically intimacy. Rain made me feel so comfortable and confident, her blowjobs on my T dick gave me shivering and abdomen wrenching orgasms. Loved every bit it. Looking forward to many more sessions of trying fun stuff and absolutely celebrating my sexual self with Rain.:) Rain is a gorgeous sophisticated lady with amazing lips. Never can get enough. 😉

“Just wanted to say thanks so much Rain, It was really really amazing and I’m so grateful for it. You helped me out so much and lifted my spirits. I can still taste you and it’s delicious.”

“I love seeing you Rain, every time is better than the last. I swear you get more beautiful each time”

A Domme who genuinely cares about your needs and desires, will push your limits in the most pleasurable of ways, takes the time to get to know you and doesn’t judge you for any kinks or fetishes you have. All of this means she will absolutely rock your world, will give you the most mind blowing orgasms and will leave you feeling well and truly satisfied. She is someone I can genuinely connect with in the most pleasurable and kinky way. James

Rain is such a lovely person, easy to get along with and aims to please, I had such a great time with her, I will be seeing Rain again for sure. G