In my Swingers Party package, you can experience something new. See porn in action, experience a threesome or foursome, or even an orgy could be on the cards!

Swingers parties are broken into two categories, players parties which are for men, women, and couples, and couples parties which are couples and single women only. Some are kink-focused and more gang-bang-focused as well. (Some parties are also open to Bi male or female play and also trans/gender diverse people.)

When you book in, I ask you a range of questions including;

Have you attended Swingers Parties before?

What are you looking to get out of the experience? (Is there a specific fantasy you want to explore, or just try something new?)

Do you just want us to play together and let others watch, do you want us to play with others together or separately? Do you want to incorporate any kink into your booking?

Package 3: The Debauched Rain Experience.

This package includes my company as a companion and guides into the swinging world and my sexual services at a Swingers Party of my choosing. You get all of my services plus the chance for a threesome or gang-bang at the party. You never know what will happen at a party…..

Have you been wanting to try a Swingers Party but are too nervous to go on your own? This is a great way to enjoy a party with someone there to guide you. (I cannot promise you will play at a party, as I do not control the consent of other party guests, but I will endeavour to make your chances much much more likely and play with me is guaranteed to please.)

In this package, I can be your guide into the world of Swingers Parties and debauched public play at Club X Cinemas in Melbourne. I know the scene well, let me show you all the hidden secrets and experiences of the swinging world. Get in touch to find out more!

At a Swingers Party: From 8 pm to 12 am let me be your guide to the world of swinging, attend a party with you where I introduce you to people, and we can play together or alone. Threesomes, group play, girl on girl. You never know what will happen.

At a Club X Cinema: For 2hrs let’s explore the world of public play. A blowjob while others watch, forced-bi experimentation, I can be your guide into a whole new world of semi-public play.

Swingers party bookings are available in Victoria and NSW.

$700 for my company at the party from 8pm to 1am.
$600 For 2hrs Max at Club X.
+ You must pay a door fee mattering on which party we attend.

If you wish to take me back to your hotel/residence after the party, it is an extra $400 per each extra hour.