I get so many questions about my Swingers Parties bookings. Being one of the only providers in the country that do it and do it regularly, people are very interested in knowing more. 

It seems Swingers Parties are this shadowy and mysterious world people don’t really understand, kinda like sex work.

When I get enquiries for these bookings I get so many questions on how does it work, what do we do at parties. So I wanted to elaborate more and assuage any concerns.

Swingers are just like anyone else, you get all sorts of people. It is a warm and inviting environment. Usually parties skew towards an older range, from late 20’s to 40-50’s. You get people of all body types, skin colours, and so on.

Most parties are either held in a private home or some are at commercial venues in Melbourne, the ones I take clients to are commercial venues as they are more discrete.

Parties are broken into two categories, players parties which are for men, women, and couples, and couples parties which are couples and single women only. Some are kink focused and more gang-bang focused as well. (Some parties are also open to bi male or female play and also trans/gender diverse people. There is also a female only party held in Melbourne.)

The way I do these bookings is when you enquire I ask you a range of questions:

Have you attended Swingers Parties before?

What are you looking to get out of the experience? (Is there a specific fantasy you want to explore, or just try something new?)

Do you just want us to play together and let others watch, do you want us to play with others together or separately? (Some people want to pick other people for me to play with and just watch me, which is always fun and debauched!)

Do you want to incorporate any kink into your booking?

The answers you give me to these questions help me shape the right party choice and booking style for you.

If you have attended parties before then one that is a bit more intense might be of interest and I can discuss with you which venues you have attended before. Knowing if you have a specific fantasy and how you wish to play also helps me with this.

You see parties are this wonderful space to explore fantasies. Maybe you have always wanted to have a threesome, participate in a gang-bang, watch some live porn or be watched. All things that can occur at parties.

But they are also unpredictable. Some people contact me presuming I am the one organising/running parties or that I am being paid by the organisers to attend. I am certainly not. I have no control over who is going to attend on the evening nor do I know the ratio for that evening. When I walk into a party with a client I know just as much about how the night will go as the client does, and thats zero.

A party is certainly what you make it, if you enquire and book with an open mind and open expectations then you will have a wonderful evening. At the end of the day, the only thing booking for a party secures you is my sexual services and attending a party.

But oh, the amount of naughty fun we can have there is a list a mile long!

I always make sure to introduce my client to people, check in about how they are feeling throughout the night, and adjust things as much I can to their comfort level. I want you to have an amazing night, but it is also so much what you make it.

As someone who has attended parties on my own in the past, its so nerve-wracking! You feel so nervous and unsure if you will play with anyone, how to talk to people, feel uncomfortable standing around in your knickers talking to people.

I started doing these bookings because I wanted to offer a way to help those nervous newbies out. Going with someone experienced to the world of Swinging offers some comfort and helps assuage fears.

You don’t need to contact organisers yourself, you don’t need to stand in a corner awkwardly being the newbie at a party. You just need to contact me and I’ll help guide you through the whole process and throughout the night.

So if you have ever wanted to give a party a go, then contact me. Let us make your fantasies a reality.

Rain, Xxx.

*** Please note, do not contact me asking for advice on parties with no intention of booking me. It is rude. Thank you. **